One Thing At A Time, Revisited

I interviewed someone today that gave me something to think about. He was describing a feeling I totally and completely identify with; that feeling of having so much to do you don’t know where to start. You can make lists and outlines, but at once things can  seem completely overwhelming. 

Once that feeling hits, it becomes really easy to throw in the towel, do nothing on the list, and defiantly spend the next hour (or three) scrolling through blogs, Tumblr, and Facebook. 

He said that he was always told “one thing at a time” and while that was a great way to think, he’s amended it to say “one thing at a time; advance the plot.”

I love this idea. I am a list maker. A procrastinator. An avoider of tasks once I feel overwhelmed, leaving them to the last possible millisecond. It’s probably why I don’t blog as much as I would like to, tweet as much as I probably should to “maintain a presence” and all those things my PR self keeps screaming in my ear. 

While I might finally take the time to do one thing at a time, I’m not advancing my plot. 

And as much as I would like to take a “it ends today” stance, I know I can’t change overnight. However, I’m making an effort to become more conscious of my actions. Pay attention to my lists. Advance the plot.