A few months ago I was asked to put together a piece for Eugene Magazine (a quarterly lifestyle pub) on local barn dinners. I was so excited, as I have been following the trail of events from companies like Outstanding in the Field, Farm to Fork, and Field To Table for a while.

My research put me in touch with Bev Mazzola, the “Hefe Grande” of Slow Food Eugene’s annual One Field Meal. Mazzola is a force, and so inspiring I found myself signing up for Slow Food within a week of meeting her. I also got to spend time with Heidi Tunnell, a chef who’s catering company is so much more than “Party Down.”

While none of the groups listed above - that melange of field, fork, and table - make stops in beautiful Lane County, Heidi hosts between four and five barn dinners per summer and Slow Food holds OFM each fall. If you do one thing food-wise this summer, it’s one of these events.

Unfortunately the piece isn’t available online, but pick up a copy if you are in the area.