Tending to a garlic patch this season? Curious as what to do with those tender green curlicues? EAT THEM!

And learn all about the world of garlic scapes in my piece posted at Culinate. Mmmm, garlic scape pesto…

Rabbit for Culinate

Way back in October I pitched an article to the terrific food-focused website Culinate. They accepted, assigned me a due date in January, and now - in March the article has finally posted!

I’m very excited to see it and read it again. The topic is rabbit - why eat it, what it tastes like, and how to break down a whole one into pieces. I know, it’s a bit of a touchy subject because, who didn’t have a pet rabbit as a kid? I have friends now that have rabbits, and think I might even be friends with a rabbit on Facebook. 

Can I be friends with rabbits and also eat them? 

I guess the answer is yes. And without sounding too callous, there are many viable protein sources that start out as adorable animals and make their way to our plates in completely different form.  

I met Julia Sunkler, a rabbit farmer. We toured her farm together. She brought me by the rabbits, chickens, cows, and pigs that she humanely raises and slaughters. I would eat a rabbit from Julia any day. 

I encourage you to keep an open mind - and check out the article