What I’ve Been Doing

Life has been busy in good old Eugene. We had Father’s Day and the UO graduation at the restaurant, and I had a ton of writing assignments to turn in. That means eight straight days of waitressing while putting together seven or so articles. 

The fruits of my labor? Well, rent is paid and my upcoming trip to Belize is half funded. 

Oh, and the writing? 

Read all about how to make fabulous iced tea from Josh Chamberlain of J-Tea in last week’s Register Guard here

Check out how to be your own ice cream man in my Poor Taste column here.

I’ve got three pieces going up at the amazing design website Of a Kind in a week or so, a feature running Wednesday in the Guard on s’mores, and a piece on local Eugene street performers running Thursday in the Weekly. 

It’s gonna be an exciting week!

Hopefully it’s summer where you live. Here? Not so much.